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About Us

SmartJain.com is proud to present fresh organic eco-friendly Jain vegetable box, produced using Ahinsak (non-violent) farming techniques.

Until about 70 years ago all farming was done without man made fertilizers and pesticides. As man tried to create a solution for growing population around the world, they increased their crop production using pesticides and insecticides. That not only destroyed the natural chemical composition of the soil, it made its way into human body causing development of new diseases and complications. We are all aware of the fact that fertilizers cause so much damage to earth and insecticide pesticides used on our vegetables are extremely hazardous to health.

In organic produce too there are lot of organic insecticide and pesticides used to kill pests and other insects by their pest management control system. This is causing lot of violence towards the other living beings and does not support ecological balance on earth.

Ahinsak farming focuses on returning to the basis without causing any harm to any living being.

Ahinsak farming differs from organic farming that it does not even use any organic insecticides or pesticides. Following the principles of Ahinsak (non- violence) it believes in “parasparopgraho jeevaanam”-the interdependence and coexistence of all living beings with their right to live and grow.

Ahinsak sustainable farming techniques, will give us most healthy produce, will increase potential life of soil and since no insecticide pesticides used thus brings excellent ecological balance on earth. It truly supports our “live and let live”.

SmartJain.com whose parent company is Gaurav Arts inc, is producing jain vegetables in upstate New York.


Our Purpose
SmartJain is there to provide products and services to relish glorious Jain Way of Life in modern times.
Smartjain is for each and every human being who wants to
-live healthy and Ahinsak (non-violent) lifestyle,
-care for lives of all kinds of living beings and -keep Mother Earth green.

Thereby our products are vegan, vegetarian, eco-friendly, sustainable, Ahinsak (non-violent) and organic.


About Co-Founders

I Shefali Ajmera with my husband Nitin Ajmera have started SmartJain.com to produce and distribute sustainable vegetables and fruits through traditional framing using Jain (Non-violence) philosophy. We got married in 1998 and since then living happily as residents of Long Island, New York.

Few years back I realized that all products (yes all products) that we use in our daily lives have animal ingredients in them. This fact really touched my heart as being Jain and believer of “Live and allow others to live” philosophy by Lord Mahavir. I can never imagine that everything around me, that I am using, has killed animals. So I decided to start our own Ahinsak (non-violent) endeavours.

After studying market for almost 2 years, I decided to start my first Ahinsak endeavour in agriculture as I realized that chemical fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides affect Mother Earth and human health tremendously. Even in organic farming as pest management control uses organic pesticides and insecticides, it kills earth friendly insects along with pests. As a result, this will continue to cause ecological imbalance on earth. Believing that all living organism has full right to live its life and die naturally, thereby killing these organisms is just not the solution. Proper nurturing of the plant in connection with the nature is required.

Hence, I started joint collaboration with Gopal farm, NY and invited Dr. Sharad Godha from India who has 40 years of experience in development of Agriculture and Horticulture and who is further pursuing post-doctoral (D.Sc.) in Ahinsak (non- violent) sustainable agriculture. So let’s get started with Jain vegetables farm box for all who wants to live healthy and pursue Ahinsak (non-violent) lifestyle / Jain Way of Life.

We are always going to be very thankful to all our supporters, subscribers and people who work with us. As these Ahinsak (non-violent) endeavours are not possible without the participation and support of each and everyone of us.

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